31 January 2011

Weekend in Sydney

Our weekend away was a bit full on & exhausting, with early flights & super late nights. However it was heaps of fun.

My husband & his friend had a chance to go meet the Deftones backstage after the concert friday night, which was a dream come true for them. My hubby is actually in a heavy metal band that tours Australia semi regularly, so while he has a day job, music is his passion.

Here are some Sydney weekend pics of the boys & their idols & the Sydney icons: Opera house & harbour bridge. My hubby is the one in the black shirt who isn't pulling a stupid face. The other is his best mate and singer in his band.
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Julie said...

Fun, even if it is exhausting puts the crackle and pop in our lives, the snap is provided by those that are nearest and dearest to us.

HarmonySweetpea said...

So true Julie. I'm still so worn out from the weekend I haven't had a chance to do anything creative yet.