06 January 2011

Wedding Wednesday - You're Engaged... Now What?

He popped the question. You've told everyone you know and now you keep getting asked 'When is the big day?'. So what happens now?

There is so much to organise for a wedding that people often underestimate the effort that goes into planning the perfect day. Unless you've already been planning this day from the moment you could walk, its likely you will have a lot to decide before you can even start. The most important place to start is by having a detailed discussion with your partner. Focus on the following:
  •  Type of wedding you both want
  •  Approximate number of guests
  • Sit down, cocktail, lunch, dinner, etc
  • Your budget
  • When you want to get married - spring, summer, etc
  •  Where you want to get married - garden, beach, etc 
  • How you want to get married - priest, celebrant, etc
  •  And any other important aspects either of you wish to include

It is also vital to talk to your families and anyone else who may be contributing to costs, to assist you in working out your budget.
From there you need to start your research on venues and begin short-listing a few that you like through internet searches and bridal magazines. Its essential that your venue has the type of meal options you want, enough room to accommodate your guests and any other considerations you need to make. Also if you are set on a particular date, this plays an important role in picking your venue.

Once you have your short list, make appointments and go check out some potential wedding reception locations. Once this is locked in, not only will you have the where, but also the when and the rest of your wedding plans will flow much easier from this point on!

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